Enodah Kennel             

Only 15 minutes from Yellowknife!



Enodah Kennel was started in 2015 with a mission to provide quality dogsled tours while never sacrificing the wellbeing of my dogs. We are a small kennel of less than 30 dogs, that way each of our animals receives all the attention they need from Coady and his staff.

Enodah Kennel is located 15 minutes from Yellowknife in our own secluded section of forest. We train all our dogs to be loose together and we work 12 months of the year training and exercising our pack of sled dogs. We encourage all our guests to interact with the dogs after the tour.



Drive Your Own Dog Team 2017/2018

45 minutes
$125.00 per person
Available Nov 25 - April 15

Enjoy the peaceful Boreal Forest by way of dogsledding. You will feel at one with the dogs as they lead you through the scenic trails of Enodah. You will learn the name and character of each dog on your team, to better understand why they are put in their different positions. 

This is a 45-minute activity in total, including a safety speech from your guides. This is a "Drive Your Own Sled" tour, but do not worry, you will be under very close supervision from Enodah's experienced guides who will be more than happy to help you along the trail! We encourage interaction with our happy working huskies and will gladly take photos of you driving the team through the forest. At the end of the tour there will be lots of time for hugs and photos with all the dogs. See the dogs in their natural environment when they are let loose to play with guests and interact and play together. 

There is a brand new lodge on site where you can warm up after the tour and enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Washrooms are available.

Transportation from Yellowknife is available.


Contact Us to Book a Tour:
(867) 444-9591


Chinese speaking visitors please call:
(867) 873-4600



Coady Lee

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Coady has been dog mushing across Canada his whole adult life, with stops in the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Quebec and Nova Scotia. His background is focused in Long Distance Dogsled Racing. Coady has travelled and worked across Canada by dog-team, on bicycle, on foot and by truck. A full time guide, he keeps busy running sled dogs in the winter, fishing in the spring and biking in the summer. Coady is the sole owner of all the dogs in Enodah Kennel.

As long as he is outdoors and experiencing new challenges, Coady is content. 








Samantha Domiano

Originally from Australia, Samantha's background in sled dogs is based around the Rocky Mountain area. Her love of dog mushing has been strong since she was a child and now that she is living in Canada she is getting to live her dreams out! Samantha is not only a dog musher, she is a cameleer. She spends as much of her summers taking people on tour by way of camel in the australian outback, when not doing tours she is either catching camels or training them. With an extensive background in dog training and animal rescue Samantha is a great addition to the Enodah Kennel team!


Sarah Carter

Sarah is from London, England originally. An Avid adventurer she has travelled to over 50 countries around the world! Constantly challenging herself to summit mountains and ski down them. Norway is where Sarah was first introduced to the sport of dog mushing. Sarah has spent the summer working with sled dogs in the Yukon and is looking forward to her first winter spent in Yellowknife!